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"Man will go to extreme lengths for the perfect sandwich.

I’ve heard that when the King of Jordan is in D.C. on business, he’ll send a driver to Baltimore to pick up pit beef sandwiches at Chap’s to eat on the plane ride home.

A brat belongs on a hard roll. A bun can’t hold up to the juice.”

"Knuckles are the tenderest part of a lobster.”

"You can copyright the name of a sandwich, but not its combination of ingredients.”

"Schottzie’s is one of the last places in St. Louis that serves a fried brain sandwich. When asked about the sandwich’s merits, the owner will say, “Brain’s heavy in protein. Heavy, heavy protein.”

Offering someone half of your sandwich is the modern version of breaking bread.”

"If you’re going to put an avocado on a sandwich, mash it. Otherwise it’ll mess up the architecture.”

A great sandwich maker is a custodian of regional identity.

The pickle that you get with your deli sandwich is one of the last free things in this world.”


pics: happinessinmyheart